My first experience with Battle Pass is Nemestice

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This might be a redundant post to make, but I really felt like sharing how I feel about the Nemestice Battle Pass. I also sent a complaint to the Dota 2 team, but who knows if they'll see it.

I started playing Dota in 2019, after watching the 2018 True Sight got me really interested. I didn't buy the TI10 Battle Pass because I felt it was silly to spend money for in-game cosmetics. But Nemestice came around, and I think why not? I spend a lot of time in this game, might as well spend money on something I enjoy.

I bought the Level 0 package. For the most part, I think the standard package is worth it. I had a blast with Cavern Crawl in particular. It was fun to play different heroes for quests and getting nice sets. The Nemestice and Immortal treasures also has some nice items.

But after a couple weeks, I looked at the rewards again, and I realized how bad and boring they are. There's nothing to grind for.

Emojis are a bad reward, since they also require Dota Plus. Sprays and seasonal effects are too far spread apart in levels to care about. Voice lines are almost non-existent in these early levels. I don't get excited about gaining levels to get a seasonal fountain effect or a leveling up effect? I think if it was a more frequent reward, it might be really cool to grind up to say Level 100 and see all of the seasonal effects in play.

But getting to Level 100, which is the realistic amount you could technically grind for without buying levels, doesn't offer any real rewards. There's five hero taunts and some treasures, that's it. That's… it. It just feels really empty, in my opinion. There's no BIG reward at the end. Right now, I'm just working towards the Io taunt, and after that, there's nothing for me personally.

I think the Davion persona and the Spectre Arcana are really cool, but they are unattainable for a Level 0 Battle Pass. I'm okay with that, in general. I don't have FOMO, or anything like that. The main issue is the empty levels, and even more so, the empty rewards. I think the Battle Pass is poorly structured, geared more towards people who can afford a Level 100 Battle Pass and can afford buying more levels. It wasn't made for grinding, as a Battle Pass should be in my opinion. It was lazily made is what I'm saying.

Don't get me wrong, I think I got my money's worth of fun through Cavern Crawl and the treasures, but only because it's my first ever Battle Pass experience. I can't imagine buying these every year. It would get really old, really fast. I sympathize more with people who always get disappointed with Valve now. It's a shame because this game is really exciting to play, but the events and Battle Pass doesn't take advantage of that energy… Or does, in a poor way.

If the next Battle Pass is the same or worse, I won't be buying it. I know a lot of people feel the way I do on this subreddit, so I'm just adding my voice to the crowd. Sorry if it's the same old, same old.

Tldr; After two weeks, I found the Nemestice Battle Pass underwhelming and boring as there are no real rewards to grind for, speaking as a Level 0 buyer. Won't buy future ones, if they're the same as this one.


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