My first swamp experience

Needing to vent a bit here. Im playing solo and have been going very slowly, just enjoying the game and exploring. Took me quite a bit of seafaring to get to Elder which I defeated the other day and I set out to find some swamp. After I found one I set up a small base and geared up, slowly venturing into the swamp. To be immediately annihalated by a draugr elite. Literally the first enemy except 2 skeletons I met. I didnt fret, I actually killed him and just got backstabbed by skeleton archers, so I went back in in backup gear…and died again. And again. And again. Turns out on this first little swamp patch was a skeleton spawner and not one but two draugr spawners. I couldnt ignore it because othwrwise I would get flanked while venturing into the swamp. Took me all day to clear that with repeated ctrl-alt-del scumming. Just to discover in the end that this swamp didnt have a single crypt. Im very much worn out now and kinda lost my will to keep playing. I think I might take a day or two off before searching for the next swamp.


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