My friend and I were thinking about the game and we came up with some suggestions. Wanted to share to see what you think.

Dota2 Mods

So, Windranger's power shot? It becomes a channeling ability and you can aim it while you channel it. You can also move while channeling but slowed. Like seriously I hate the current skill so much that it ruined my marriage. And I wasn't even married.

Pudge gets a split skill on his hook. He gets 2 hook skillshots that have the same cool down, but one only hits enemies, while the other only hits allies. Either a level 25 upgrade or an aghanim shard.

Replace Chen's persuasion skill with Bribe Stacks like the ones in Heroes of the storm. Instead of using mana it uses stacks of bribe that he gets when he is near dying enemies minions or dying enemy heroes. Make him more insentif to keep in lane, but also giving a way to quickly recharge his small army of slaves if he plays to his strengths aka pushing down lanes. The idea is to to make his army more disposable, but also make replenishing it something that you can do in team fights.

Meepo clowns get hot keyed on default. You get option for every individual clone and also a hot key to command them together. I was also wondering Meepo no longer dying when one of his clones die but I don't know how that works out.

Silencer is completely deleted from the game and Silencer mains are given the death sentence.
This is more personal. I haven't had a single time where I felt joy playing with or against Silencer.

We get a Three teams battle map. This one I just want se how crazy it gets. No plan for balance.

Troll Warlords W and E are now on the same key.

And the most important one. If you see someone waving for high five and you don't high five you are given a 5 day ban, kicked out of your work, released from school, you are out on a list by the CIA and FBI, and God gets notified that your soul goes straight to hell.


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