My group is looking for a game to fill the void Valheim left until it goes to full release.

Just like the title says, my group (4-7 people) is looking for a game to play for the time being. We beat the last available boss on Valheim and have lost interest in continuing playing (until its actually released). We arent necessarily tied to survival games either, but we are looking for a game we can progress in together. The reason I am asking here is because I'm looking for opinions form like-minded individuals!

I was hoping someone had some suggestions we could look at. So far we've tried:

Sea of Thieves – Terrible game for so many reasons. The biggest deal breaker was it made one of the members of our group ill (motion sickness I think). But some other things we didnt like was no way to turn of PvP, couldnt make a private server, the maps didnt have waypoints, progression was very unclear, and groups were limited to 4 (we can work around this with multiple groups).

The theme was interesting (pirates are cool), but that was about its only redeeming factor. Oh and it was on sale on Steam. I guess that was okay too.

Rust – It was interesting, but it consumed resources while we were offline. We play once or twice a week, so that's a deal breaker.

If anyone here has any recommendations, I'd love some help trying to find something we can play for a bit!


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