My guess on whats gonna happen for TI.

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Ok guys, shits already hitting the fan right now. There are only, in my opinion, 2 outcomes:

  1. Run the tournament as is
    People will catch covid and it will probably get cancelled half way through and we will all be mega bummed.
  2. Make serious adjustments
    Refund all tickets, close the stadium, implement a GODAWFULLY strict bio-bubble and play the low risk game. We'll probably get to watch the entire tournament, see some epic games and probably an overall win.

Honestly, I know it sucks for everyone (especially people who bought tickets) but option 2 just seems safer for the players and spectators.

It just doesnt feel right having all the players and fans attending while this cloud of uncertainty hangs over the event. At least with option 2 everyone can feel safer and be safer.

I love dota, I love TI, but safety for the players and attendees right now just feels paramount.


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