My Hero Builds

I stuck with the first Ramirez card I got until I had fully upgraded her to legendary and max level

I haven't completed my twine Storm Shields and haven't advanced my home base level much past 106 with survivor cards

I'm still using

Rescue trooper Ramirez

– extra grenades + splash dmg

Swashbuckler Keelhaul

– a Ninja and a Pirate a ref?

Powerbase Knox

– I like the uncommon one because the skin has "got pain?" on it

TED shot Jess

– boosted duration and faster cool down on throwing teddy

Harvester Sarah

– triple jump ninja

Black Knight Garridan

– he has the thanos/thor ability to wild out with shield and smash stuff and is an OG BR ref

maybe one more I can't quite recall from memory. I'll update with all the other cards I've got plugged into them to show the full build

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