My imp ally betrayed me. You won’t believe what happened next…

My impostor friend accused me of being impostor. I said why, and he just kept saying it's me and asked the lobby to trust him. Fortunately for me, the lobby voted him off (his color was black), but before he died, he said "YEA I'M THE IMPOSTOR IT'S ME AND NANI" (Nani was my name). So next round I pressed the button and I admitted that I was the 2nd one. I told the lobby that it was unfair that black cheated, so I proposed if we can play hide and seek now that they know my identity. I was shocked to see them agree. In the end I won, it was a fun game. Only if I had a way to do screen recording, I could make this post less boring for you guys.

I do not remember the members anymore but if this post doesn't die in new, I want you to know that you are the best ppl I have ever met. Sincerely Orange.



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