My input on the “Body rotting” idea.

Okay, so each player has a temperature checker. Yeah you already know where this is going.

So, the idea of the body rotting until It's just a bone? I don't like that idea, because once it's old as hell and it's just a bone how are you meant to know who's body it is?

So, once you find a body you can use your temperature checker on it before reporting. A higher temperature means a new kill, a colder temperature means an older kill. Simple, no?

Now this is a little optional, I don't know what my opinion on this part is, but maybe Impostors don't have these, so in the meeting it would go like this or something

Black: Me and lime found blue dead in security.

Orange: What was the body temp?

Black: -3, It was an older kill.

Lime: Wait, no! The temp was +6…

Red: Well, Me, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow saw Lime do a visual task, so bye-bye Black.

One main reason I don't really like this is that you could instantly catch an impostor.


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