My issue with Tarkov

I bought the $50 package about a year ago, played it 4 or 5 times, and ive come up with opinions, sure, shout at me in the comments about how i havent played it enough to understand the game, or shout at me to get over gear fear and all that. But the game needs work, i really want to enjoy Tarkov, it runs amazingly well, the game is absolutely gorgeous, the overall look and feel of the game in general is great, 10/10.

Its the actual gameplay i have issues with, i dont mind progression loss, but when you have no incentive to play the PMC over the scav except for a 20 minute timer, it in my opinion, drives away newer players. Then there is the insanely high potential that they'll lose all their equipment after dying as the PMC and get stuck as Scav. Then they have to wait 20 minutes just to play a very short round as they'll most likely get killed by the level 200 player who sniped them from across the map with a silenced spoon.

Call me an idiot, downvote me into oblivion, i dont care.

The Scav shouldnt have a timer, if not that, then the timer should be heavily reduced. Or, have the scav be offline only, you only go up against bots and you get to keep your gear, remove the timer on the scav, make the scav pve only, and only be able to get low to mid-tier loot. Then the PMC can be PvP and allow players to get mid to high-tier loot. Risk vs Reward and all that.


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