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Hey, everyone, I know I haven't been posting for a while, but there was a lot going on and also I've been feeling a bit down lately. Anyway, second DLC in "Price of Power" is here, titled "Thanedd Coup", so I thought I share my opinion about it lorewise. WARNING: this will be a little ranty. Let's get into it.

The Coup was a subject of one of the first posts in this series, you can read it here.

The first major issue is that the devs made Tissaia de Vries a NR card, when it should have been neutral (same with Hen Gedymdeith). She remained neutral during the coup, she haven't sided with Filippa and Dijkstra. Moreover, she helped Vilgefortz more than anything, when she freed him and those who were on his side, when they were arrested by the Northern mages and tried in Garstang. Also, earlier, despite what Netlix show said, she didn't fight for the Northern Realms in the Second Battle of Sodden (more about it here), so there is really no reason to put her in NR. Also, she does not look exactly as I'd imagine her on the art.

The second issue is the selection of characters for the NR – whilst Leticia Charboneau was mentioned by Vilgefortz during his conversation with Geralt after the banquet as one of the famous Aretuza graduates, she didn't take part in the events of the Coup. And it's not like there is no characters for NR that took part in it. Drithelm or Radcliffe are more than worthy inclusions. As for bronzes – well, we already have a card for Aretuza Adept, why another one when it would make more sense to include the soldiers of the Redanian Special Forces – Voymir's unit that were arresting traitorous mages during the coup under the command of Dijkstra. For me if you name the DLC after those events – it has to be tied to it closely.

In NG only issues i have are minor ones tbh. For example – Terranova's card art – I appreciate that it depicts the scene from the book when he grabs Ciri, and they made him fat and creepy as he should be, because that's how he was described, but for me, he shouldn't be bald and shaven. The books describe him as unkempt and struggling with hygiene – so it would make sense to give him messy beard and greasy hair instead of a clean shave. Also I feel like they made him a bit too young. Dedicating only few cards per faction to the event that significant in the lore is not really a good idea, cause apart from Terranova and Fercart there also should be a card for Lydia van Bredevoort, Vilgefortz's assistant.

For Scoia'tael they could've include the Isengrim's commando that came to the Island with Rience and Cahir via the underground gate opened by Francesca Findabair.

Finally, the start screen is a bit wrong, because the tower which seems to be Tor Lara was definitely not located by the bridge from Gors Velen, but rather above Garstang (Here you can see more accurate layout of the Island).

As for monsters and Syndicate – there was no monsters or criminals/witch hunters/priests on Thanedd, so they just expanded archetypes started in the first DLC, i have no problem with that. As for Skellige, there was one mage from there that died during the Coup – Marquard, they could've include him, but apart from that the situation is the same as with MO/SY.


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