My Jiroc´s viking playground experience.

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

Hi yall,

just wanted to share my wonderful experience with Valheim LFG community,

not long ago after me, my brother and couple of our friends finished the game on our private server we thought it would be fun to play on a multiplayer of larger scale.

So we Joined Jiroc´s viking playground and I have to say in many many years of online gaming I have not come across a community this welcoming and fun to play with, there is almost 80 people now with the server cap of 30 so you never play on your own. I already have 250+ hours there and I still haven´t seen all of the builds people made. There is a couple of fully established settlements and a lot of personal bases, factions, guilds and more. Jiroc is hosting many various events like arena tournaments, building competitons and we even have a main campaign going on wich is in 1st chapter out of 7.

There is an RP community as well as builders and more casual players, if you are looking for a new Valheim world to start your adventure on check this server for sure!

And lastly Jiroc is running a resource server as well so we don´t run out of materials on the main one. It resets every week and there is usually an event that comes with the reset.

Server is based in USA, California but we have people from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia so basically from all around the world.

There is a couple of moderators and Admins who are always active on discord to help you with anything.

Pitchbåss, one of the brothers who founded the settlement of Løuky!


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