My little greydwarf

New Valheim update

Today I wanted to catch Graydworth and put him in a cage, I even came up with a name for him – Grisha. I built a room specifically for this purpose, put a totem of Odin, if he was healthy three times, so that the dwarf would not destroy the cage. I dragged Graidworth, put him in a cage, hung a sign with his name on the wall, well, not to forget, suddenly I have to talk. Well, that's all, I think like this : I should put some kind of bed for Grisha, I'm not some kind of bastard. I went to get the material for Grisha's bed, came back, and he wasn't there. He probably walks, poor, through the forest somewhere, all alone, cold, hungry, no one will stroke him, no one will scratch his belly. And I have already agreed with the veterinarian about castration, in general, I miss him.
I propose to make a manufactured interior item, something like a chain with a collar, so that Grisha would no longer run away.


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