My love letter to a Thicc Stranger

Today is 30.09.2020 20:30 for east Europe, Just after I finished my run.

I hopped in, into a raid. No armor, no heals, just an smg, one key, reserve, and a dream. I met a stranger in a tower, although this is not a letter for him, he also was as friendly as my hero. We tried to shoot each other, both missing miserably. Up to the point when he said "CEASE FIRE!!". I had too little ammo to continue, and he only had a sniper rifle, so we both didn't want to continue fighting. We chatted for a bit. "So…. what have we got here?" "Sniper. take cover!".We sat there enjoying our time together for a little while. "COVER ME!" I shouted. He just replied with "Affirmative" as I booked it to the cargo station. There I met The Thicc Stranger. I tried to shoot him, but like a cat, he jumped from rooftop to rooftop. And before I knew it, he was in one of the hangars, and yet again I heard those magic words. "HOLD FIRE!", I froze and looked behind me. a Thicc Boi was standing there waving from left to right, like a flag. I just nodded and headed off to the train station. I barely managed to look around when I heard footsteps coming from behind me. It was him! Hesitantly he poked his head out and threw me a weapon. I didn't see a weapon like that before, I needed to examine it before I could even pick it up. "FOLLOW ME! IM LEADING" boomed through the station, followed up by thumps of our feet as we ran past the smol tower and into a building. we hopped on a car and looked down at the garage scanning for enemies. He had eyes like a hawk and managed to see and kill a scav. we continued this on as more scavs came running into our trap. one after another he kept on killing them. All I could do was watch. we looted the bodies and headed deep into the forest of buildings. I was scared of going there, I avoided it when playing alone, but with him… I felt like I could do anything. He was a great soul, a great soul indeed. As I looted a Makarov, the last thing he said to me was "Nicley Done!". Then he walked into a small room, gently closing the door behind him… I heard two clicks, and the metallic sound of grenades hitting the floor… I knew it was too late… I knew I couldn't do anything now… so I just waited. these few seconds felt like a lifetime. When it was done, holding back tears I peered into the small room, to see the body of a friend I never knew I had. With vision blocked by tears, I packed all I could into my backpack, also doing the biggest mistake of my life. I didn't put his dog tag into my dog tag case. As I was finishing up, I heard the train rolling in. This was the only way out that I could take. I ran there as fast as I could. Taking a short break at the cargo station and again, as fast as my legs let me I ran and ran and ran…

But I didn't make it… someone saw me and started shooting at me from a smoll tower. I thought I was safe when I hid behind the train but… there were two of them. I died taking a bullet in the back of the head. I failed the raid… but more importantly… I failed… my friend.

If you are reading this, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you And sorry, for failing you. I will remember you… Thicc Stranger


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