My opinion: new heroes (as well as arcanas) have way too many response lines. There even exist lines that don’t seem (needed) to be spoken at all.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

I get the idea of trying to incorporate the ever-growing lore into these heroes, but apparently I see some of the lines are just the heroes' personal views about something or someone and are quite expected.

Most heroes only have responses about a few other heroes, heck some have none at all, and they're still pretty decent.

However, these are not too much of an issue, it just gives the idea that these new heroes are more significant in the entire story compared to the others, who are supposed to tell more, at least as much, about the story than the newer ones do.

What sort of bugs me is that when I look at the wiki, there are some response lines that are no more than just clutter. I suppose some of these are just leftovers from previous or unused versions: like the "shitty wizard" ones and probably the ones heroes would say when they visit the shop (seriously, I've never heard them saying it. I'm not hearing things, am I? Even the new heroes have this set of lines).

Even then, it seems that the game requires every new hero to have an opinion about every item. Every. Single. One. For instance, flying couriers aren't a thing anymore, so why the new heroes have their responses on it in the files? Also, in most cases, unless it's a special item like a Blink Dagger, Scepter or Aegis (there are some exceptions), the hero will respond to an item that suits them well (Daedalus for Sniper, Hood for BB, etc). Now, every item gets a response by the new heroes and skins.

What do you guys think? Are the many response lines in the game exist merely as clutter? Or is there some sort of importance I'm not seeing?


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