My opinion of EFT, it’s too easy now

First, the hideout is too big and the fact we can craft literally every, minus some things. And the flea market is too much. Can't have both. Personally the hideout is great and very useful. I want to use the hide out more but the flea market is so much easier.

Second, play skills are the fantastic idea as well. I personally don't think we need all of the skills currently. I think some things need to be base and somethings you can level up.

Third, ammo is very one sided. I would like to have gunfights like in early wipe. Shitty to kinda to maybe at level 30. Because then it's actually difficult and can't just lay waste with m855a1.

Fourth, armour is cool and helmets are a flip if s coin. Not too much of a complaints.

Fifth, gotta overhaul the guns. Everything is viable honestly which is awesome. But man some of these bad boys just rip. I like but damn it's wild. Fire rates mostly. Some don't need as fast and some maybe need a pinch or two more.

Sixth, I hate saying EFT has a "metta". The game is so big and expansive and customizable I can't believe this has a "metta". The way to enjoy tarkov is to expect nothing. Just use what ya got and just wing it. The game is immersive as fuck and play how you want too. Not what people say or you watch. It's much better that way.

The game currently is much better then previous wipes but this wipe is crazy easy. I still thinking overhauling the hide out or just removing the flea market is the best idea. This game is hard yes but it's gotten to be easy and kinda dumb lol like it's wild out there in these maps.

This all just my opinion. I would like to hear what everyone thinks about the game right now. Thank you lol


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