My opinion on the current state of Tarkov

Just to preface this, I love Tarkov. It's the only game in years that has hooked me as much as this has. This game got me interested in guns on a constructional level and has taught me A LOT about the firearms i've been shooting in games years prior to its release. It's realism (at times) is unparalleled and i'd honestly be fucked to compare it to any other game that wouldn't pale in its shadow. However after 2 and a half wipes and 3500+ hours I can say that the early game? Fucking stupendous. Does the game have the most strange/annoying/rage inducing bugs/mechanics/ and have a thriving cesspit of cheaters? Fuck yeah it does. I've never played anything that matches the stress/need to survive so that your dude can eat or drink in order to make it into the next raid without dying from starvation 5 minutes in or even the way you're forced to loot cabinets/bags for those early-mid game quest items and it truly gives the game that "post apocalyptic" feel when you first sink your teeth into the game (ofc its not supposed to be post apocalyptic but if you jumped into the game without reading into lore you could definitely make that comparison at first sight imo). Your cluelessness when you begin playing is almost laughable – to not understanding why the FUCK your stamina isn't going back up after sprinting the full bar away to waltzing into the middle of dorms courtyard and taking fire from both 3 story and 2 story and being sent straight back to the main menu like the little bitch you've just been made to feel like. The way everybody is geared with a variety of different weapons and not just the same Andys that run meta hk's mp7's and vectors with juicer ammo and slicks and altyns. The variation in the weapon builds add to the experience as a whole i feel. Finding a whacky m4 with shit recoil and meh ergo but looks cool af? Tickles my pickle dude. The tense fights, your unwillingness to move from the corner you're holding as to get the jump on the approaching player after you FINALLY got that first ledx for the medstation and make off with your item you just died 4 raids in a row prior to getting it. Or even just finding a labs card on a scav and knowing you're about to join a thicc raid for the chance at some higher tier loot from raiders/thicc daddy pmcs. Late game, once you've finished your hideout and got that GPU farm up and going alongside the solar panels (at least in my experience) the game starts to get quite stale. For me repeatedly running interchange to take a shot at getting some more GPU's in order to further decrease the time for that bitcoin gets VERY old VERY quickly. I love interchange. In fact its probably my favourite map (albeit there's so many angles to take a cheeky head eyes from and Killa eats more bullets than Bruce Bogtrotter eats cake) however if you're not intending on going for Kappa container and you stop questing at level 4 traders like i did the game just starts to feel like Escape From Cryptocurrency. The PVP although incredibly fun and tense at times can get very repetitive and having gotten over gear fear a hell of a long time ago and being someone who "can't be fucking arsed" with caps lock crouching EVERYWHERE i often find myself yeeting to a point of interest (IE techo, killa hallway, RASMUSSEN, dorms) and making all the noise in the world before getting a few kills and then dying to a random ass scav buckshot pellet to the face or getting sniped by some virgin watching land bridge – rather than taking it slow and steady like the game wants you to. My experience has basically been the same every wipe. Start->grind hideout/quest items->Continue grinding quests till level 4 traders->acquire thicc case-> grind gpu's till burnout->burnout and go back to OSRS and login daily to collect bitcoins/scav case in order to make roubles to fuck into oblivion when i fancy a raid here and there until it wipes and the vicious cycle starts again. I love this game but its far from perfect and I feel its missing something.

TLDR; Tarkov is unmatched in terms of gunplay/the feelings it induces in high stress situations especially early game, however once you get over gear fear/get bored of ratting around the outsides of the map and start to look for ways to minmax your progression in terms of collecting GPU's for the ultimate endgame goal; BITCOIN the game gets very stale and the "tactical mil-sim" veil gets lifted and you see the game for what it is at its core. A straight up rouble grind with some (at times) bullshit AI and dogshit servers. I feel the game loses its identity towards the end of the wipe and becomes a better Call of Duty focused on between 2-4 high tier loot points after which you leave the raid except your pre-game lobby is x10 longer as you need to pack mags/throw a kit on/modify a gun/swap keys/craft or buy heals only to rinse and repeat until you get bored.

Before people comment "lul git gud kid" and all that shit I'd like to beg to differ. My aim is definitely above average however my tactical skills are hindered by my impatience and unwillingness to waste 15 minutes slow walking across the map because it bores the HELL out of me – even more so after a full wipe of doing so in order to secure quest/hideout items.

Feel free to disagree and call me fucking stupid or whatever

– An impatient shitter.


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