My personal thoughts on the on the ending of Save the World. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILER.

I had just finished the ending of fortnite save the world, beat the storm king, and was sent on one more mission to get a…. mixtape? Your joking right? The final mission of the Canney valley is legit a mixtape quest?!?!?!

My personal thoughts on this: you legit put a mid tier mission as the very very last mission, and left canny valley lacking severely, I felt like I had legit been punched in the gut from this, simply due to the fact not only was it one of the easiest mission's I had ever completed compared to the rest of canny valley… it felt like there was just no choice… like what would happen if you know…. there was another quest line that they actually DIDN'T SAVE THE WORLD, like an alternative ending considering your game is legit about alternative realities, I just felt like the ending after storm king and valley was one of the most lacking in games I had seen in ages. I legit paused for a second and was like… that's it? This is all we get is a special mixtape that should have came out like in the middle of canny valley, I was frustrated as someone who put hours into the game for such a lackluster ending.


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