My PIIIIIGS!!!! Nooooooo!

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

Maybe its because we upgraded the base, but I've been attacked by "cold breath of the mountain" drakes 3 times today (maybe 2hrs of play time)! First time I saved most of the pigs, the next I was in the mountains at a different (less upgraded) base, and then I got back to the main base and got attacked again.

This time I was swarmed by probably 6 drakes at a time (more spawned as I picked them off as I could), and of course because of the stamina thing (Even with the tweak today) I basically got to stand at the side and watch them attack my pigs until every one of them was dead.

I think this is the third time I've started over with the boars. The first time we weren't even there and the draugers killed them all in their outdoor pen. Rebuilt bigger and stronger walls, and after many attacks I was lulled into safety. Then of course the base was attacked by blobs, so the walls meant nothing.

So I built massive tall STONE walls around them! Drakes wiped them out.

THIS time I'm building walls and a FULL roof. Spikes… the works.

This means war.

Anyone here create a fool proof pig pen?


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