My problem

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Now I'm new to dota which is rare apparently and i have reached herald V 2 weeks ago and I'm stuck.

Now i know im not that good yet and I'm still new but the problem that I'm having is that some of the teammates I'm getting have been playing dota for a while (according to their profile and such) and their stuck in the low mmr bracket (i think it's called that ) and i have a feeling I'm gonna end up like them.

I have been trying really hard even getting a rampage in one of the games!! Which was my first btw and i guess it's not that rare anymore but was still exciting, anyways i still end up losing a lot it's like the game is unfairly making me lose i don't know how but that's what I'm feeling which is making me wanna quit but still i don't want to yet.

Soooo is there anyone who can help me with what I'm going through or am i even making sense in the first place 😅


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