My proposed secure container changes & Opinions POLL

Hello my fellow ex-PMCs and Tarkov scavengers!

I would like to get your opinions on the secure container and what the community thinks about possible change.

I'm personally thinking secure containers should work like this:

When in stash/hideout/off-raid, you can put literally whatever you want as long as it is not physically bigger than the secure container.

The catch? You can NOT put ANYTHING in it when in a raid, you can only take things out. That means if you take out your meds, ammo, or whatever you have in there, it's not going back in, and neither is any loot you find in the raid.

I would also like to see more restrictions to the secure container, but the above is the minimum change I would personally like to see.

As for said more restrictions:

I think if you want to use anything out of the secure container, you have to take it out of it. No using meds, loading ammo, or using keys from your butt. If you want to use something, you need to take it out and risk it.

What's your opinions?

Do you think my "more restrictive" take on the secure containers would be good for the game? Do you think my "minimum change" is the perfect compromise?

Or do you think it's perfect as is right now? Or maybe even that the current restrictions are too much? Or maybe you have your very own idea on how the secure containers should work, comment below!

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