My sister was cheating so I made her think she was getting stalked.

So we just got among us on gamepass and so my sister thought she could use 2 devices to cheat. I thought "she shouldn't do that!" So I changed my name and hat then looked at the game code and joined. After a couple games I said they were the same person and then she left the match and I left too. Then she joined another one and after 2 games i joined back. It took her a little bit to realize but she did. Then when she died i followed her ghost around and responded to her chats (when we were in a meeting). Then she was FREAKED OUT. There was a stuffed blue elephant on the desk she was at and I said "So do you like blue elephants?" She was so scared. Then I asked if she liked vr because there was a vr on the desk. She was so scared. She just left the match. I said irl "do you wanna play a local match so they can only join if they are on our wifi?" She said yes. She said to me "if they join I will throw this tablet." So i joined her local match. She threw the tablet and i laughed. We both learned things from this. I learned that I like messing with cheaters. She learned not to cheat.


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