My solution to constant disconnects (1-3 per raid)

I found a solution for my constant disconnect problem I wanted to share with you all.

Almost every single raid I've been getting booted from the server even when my ping was showing 30ms. Given the fact it takes like 5 minutes to reconnect because you have to reload the damned map every time, this was making me pull out my hair and send reports to bsg constantly as I don't have this issue with other games.

My download speed was like 100mbps, ping 30ms using speed test websites. Why on earth was I getting booted and only with this game? Come to find out using the site below, my 30ms ping has a jitter of 150ms and I think Tarkov is sensitive to that ping jitter.

I bought a USB WiFi antenna and tried again, with a jitter reduced to 6ms I was no longer getting disconnected.

I know this isn't going to solve all of Tarkov network issues but if you are having the problem I was and WiFi is your only option, give this a try.


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