My thoughts on general principles which Golden Nekker has to follow

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Whatever Golden Nekker (GN) is, it has to do the following:
* have the reason to be played
* be easy to get in
* hook players
* be replayable
* provide consistent source of profit

Which IMO implies:
* provide meaningful and exclusive and COOL rewards (skins, including character and board skins, premium kegs; and alongside them other in-game resources)
* have no fee for first time experience and intuitive gameplay. GN has to be coherent and double down on its strong sides, i.e. if its stronger side is story and dialogues, use music and pictures to improve narrations, and if its stronger side is gameplay, do not pause the flow with boring tutorials and lengthy dialogues.
* since we're Gwent players here, it has to contain a brain challenge with gradually increasing difficulty and decision-making on macro and micro levels. The gameplay has to be fast and smooth and have emotional moments (i.e. wow effects, new vfx would be nice). A good example of brain challenge from my experience are weekly puzzles from Duelyst CCG or Slay the Spire. Gwent's have to be even better (more interesting, not necessarily complicated)
* Obviously as a long-running monetization options it needs to be replayable to allow infinite selling of smth
* So, what to sell? There are some options Power-ups, which would allow players to compensate for their mistakes and progress their playthrough.THE THING HAS TO BE BEATABLE FROM START TO END FOR FREE IF YOU'RE VERY SKILLED AND GOT LUCKY ENOUGH, OR PLAYERS WILL ABANDON IT. There can also be an entry fee, but it'd be a mistake to make it purchasable with real money only. How about using keys instead? E.g. 25 keys per run (first run or first 3 runs are free. Also, first 3 runs per day could cost less e.g. 15). Also, needless to say GN has to provide experience for prestige and tab with results and achievements.


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