My thoughts on the flea market at level 20.

So I just hit level 20 today, it took me 9 days of on and off play to get it. With honestly only 2-3 full days of playing, and quite honestly…this has been the most fun I've had playing Tarkov in a long time.

Killing a full geared player, who's somehow already running some kind of meta weapon actually felt like something big, I didn't just think: "Well, I can't even flea market it so what's the point", I thought: "Holy crap, a decent gun to use!". The Hideout actually got some love from me this patch unlike others where I just ignored it since I had the flea market, I crafted things I needed and upgraded the areas rather than just flea marketing the materials. I even ended up buying the scav junkbox before they lowered the price, I had 2 million rubles before even having the flea market and spent it on STORAGE. That never would have happened prior to this patch, I did quests for the XP, hunted down specific things I needed, hell, getting the required cash levels for traders was a piece of cake as I had no where else to sell the things I got.

Honestly BSG, I haven't felt this way about your game in a long time, I've been playing Tarkov for a while and not having the flea market really reminded me of how the game used to be, how many interesting weapons you'd come across and etc. So to round this all out, I want to ask how you guys feel about this? How close to level 20 are you and what has your experience been so far this patch?

Thanks for reading! TL;DR This patch is awesome, I have fallen in love with the game again and really enjoy the flea market feeling like something I earned and had to survive for. Reminds me of how Tarkov used to be; Hell.


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