My un-ordered, biased list of fairly reasonable and attainable things that would improve Elite: Dangerous

1 – Eagles (full blood and half-breeds) could really do with an additional utility slot. C'mon, there's even a spot for them on the ship model.

2 – Look, I'm Eagle obsessed, can we make the Eagle's engines NOT sound like something out of The Jetsons?

3 – Remove the arbitrary speed cap on lateral/vertical/reverse thrusters with FA on. Literally no need for this.

4 – Shield boosters are broken op and should really be dialled back. Perhaps a module limit, heavier power usage or simply lower percentages. Incredibly large shields are one of the biggest problems in the game imo.

5 – Can we show the Asp Scout some love? Give it a purpose.

6 – All the Type 6 wants is at least 1 medium hardpoint.

7 – Can we have SOME kind of alternate engine effect when frame shifting? Like a weird glow or something?

8 – Some more varied space encounter options would be nice. Signal source ones, I mean. There's like 3 (hyperbole).

9 – For taking down known pirate missions, maybe actually make the pirate attack the civilians.

10 – Point defence is a little too good and passively invalidates two incredibly fun weapon types (dumbfires and mines). Either give them far less ammo (10,000 what the?) and/or increase the activation time. Maybe even narrow their arc so placement of them matters even more and could allow for "defence holes".

11 – Speaking of mines, adding a minor "magnetic" drift to make them minorly home in on a nearby target surely couldn't hurt. Nothing like Firefly though. Although, why not? Would allow for ECMs to break lock.

12 – Odyssey missions could have payload retrieval missions where you have to "wheel" like a cart out with like a 3-4t of mission cargo on it. Just spit-balling with the 4t thing as SRV's already cheese a lot of the Odyssey content. Failing that idea, maybe a carry case that only allows you to hold a sidearm when transporting it.

13 – Speaking of carry cases, Odyssey missions could have like satchel charge sabotage missions. Place an explosive in a structure and get to a safe distance to detonate it before it is found/defused. Use the carry case to transport the charge. Requires time to set up. Could be a real fun idea.

14 – More distraction options in Odyssey missions would be great. Particularly since you took energy link stuns off the cards. Noise grenade?

15 – Low gravity makes using grenades a bit ridiculous. Maybe a semi-indicative visual arc of the probable grenade trajectory?

16 – The lack of cliffs and caves is a little dis-hearting on planets. I'm aware that would require an utter rework but gosh it would be nice.

17 – Make the plasma AR better. Amen.

18 – Ship interiors, nothing dramatic, just seeing a little cabin with a bed/food prep and maybe a hallway or two in the bigger ships would be so cool to chill out in. Nothing new to this request.

19 – Ship damage decals persist until repaired.

20 – Give powerplay weapons unique models. That's all I got at the moment.


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