My wishful wishlist and ideas for future updates

Mod Skin Dota 2

I don't know where to put this but I just wanted to write this down and keep it saved, maybe even talk to someone if this ideas intrigues them.

My initial thoughts about the neutral itens were mixed because of the randomness that involve it, and getting used to it just made it worse, everytime the enemy gets the perfect item I feel frustrated and every time I get the perfect item I feel dirty, like I didn't deserve it. Any way I look at it feels bad just because there is nothing I can do to stop or plan toward it.

Other topic that I always thought it would be cool to have both for the strategic and fun element is a second Roshan that is less impactful but still ads variety for the game.

With that in mind I figured a way to unite both of then and bring back the side shop (for the sentimental value).

What if neutral itens dropped tokens instead of the full neutral items (keeping the drop time the same as it is) and the player had to go to the side shop to trade for a neutral item of choice, each player can only do this 1 per tier, each tier have 5 maximum tokens. That way each one can have a neutral item of the same tier and chooses it.

About the second Rosh now. He is located in the old Rosh location (near the dire bottom T1) and have more armor than Roshan, but less magic resistance, and as it dies it drops celestial tokens that you can trade in the side shop for blessed items with limited duration (3 minutes), everytime the second Roshan dies the rank of the celestial token increases as well as the blessed items (going through rank 1 to 5, same as neutral items). An example of a blessed item that I thought of is the removed neutral item Fusion Rune (maybe rank 2 or 3), or maybe a Flicker (yes I think this item is this broken) but the blink isn't random, or a combined Spell Prim + Timeless Relic giving you -30% CDR +30% debuff duration and +20% spell damage. There is tons of options.

Now comes what would make this possible (lore wise?). If the theories about the Great Confluence being the convergence of HoN and Dota, this would be a way to introduce Kongor in the dota 2 map.

It is not the first time a write this and I know this kind of post is just wishfull thinking and not well received in the reddit community, but I just wanted to write it again and hey, who knows where this can reach maybe give a idea or two about to how change the game, something I know icefrog likes.


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