My Wolf Taming Experience…

Well it started off as exciting. And then became a disappointment.

The whole start was really exciting. I couldn't wait to start taming a wolf. Checking back literally 3 times a day to see if he was tame. Constantly repairing the walls. It was a wild ride for a first experience.

So I tamed 2 of them. And within 5 real life minutes I had 6. I separated two by accident to do wall repairs in the pen, and suddenly I have 8.

It thought taming a wolf and keeping one would be a significant, awe inspiring experience.

No. The game treats them like an invasive species that reproduces faster then rabbits.

When you pet them to follow you, they stop after about 5 minutes and aimlessly wander.

I do love that they follow you tho, and I brought one with me when doing my regular verry runs and he helps stop the greydwarves from harmlessly harassing me so thats cool.

I wanted to go on a boat ride. REALLY wanted to bring Wolfy. There was no way so my friend drove the boat and I harpooned Wolfy and dragged him behind the boat until we got to where we needed. I felt awful doing it but it was the only way. I felt like I was trolling for sea monsters. Poor wolfy.

I read that if they escape their pen and there are 2 of them they will reproduce and kill off all the spawning animals until you manually kill off all the wolves.

I think the whole experience was just a little underwhelming for me.


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