Mythic Storm King Mini-Boss Bugged? or Intentional, Needs a Change

Hello, I'm Mr Quickshot, for those who may or may not know me, I upload unique stw content associated with endurance, funny videos, weapon guides, and mostly msk challenges and guides. I have soloed msk without wafers and mythic weapons, no support team, and all four classes without wafers. This would have not been possible if it weren't for the support of my community that I have created in stw. I am very grateful for having each and every one of you supporting me. The main content I upload to my channel is solo mythic storm king challenges. I have over 300 solo msk wins, 9900+ MSK wins, and many other cool things to my name. Now with that out of the way, let's get to what the msk should change.

A few seasons ago, epic made a change in horn health. The horn health was decreased from 31.5k health to 25k health. This is a significant difference in the health of the horn making it very easy than what it usually does. In the next update, epic would change/possibly bug out the mini-boss to where it will instantly respawn after you kill it. Many people believe this is a "permanent change" however, I don't think that it is. The reason why I don't think is because of how inconsistent it is.

Let me explain to you how and why I came to this realization. I recently have been attempting a part 2 to my solo mythic storm king no wafers and no mythic; I am not doing it with no potshots either, making it very difficult, but still possible. As I continued to do the run over and over again, getting closer each time, the mini-boss would not respawn for over a minute, and sometimes it would even despawn after it spawned and respawn again. This doesn't sound like a mechanic in the game. As to most stw mechanics, most of them are consistent like damage to enemies, or pathing of husks. This wasn't the only time I noticed this. In earlier challenges after the msk change, I began to notice it and changed my realization.

In conclusion, this is most likely a bug, not a mechanic. It is way to inconsistent for it to be a mechanic as most of the time it doesn't even apply in the correct circumstances.

Extra: Many stw players and my friends who originally just played the game for the mythic storm king, have decided to quit due to the change. Many of them being players who are very well known and prestigious in the stw community. I ask one thing from epic, to read my post, and answer if this a bug and I am correct? or if this is a change and not a bug. This will fill out any questions us stw msk players and normal players have regarding msk.

If you made it this far, thank you. I appreciate you reading this and it means a lot.

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