Need help with my Druids+Melusine deck. Melusine players rejoice!

the witcher and ciri gwent


Hey guys! so… I tried multiples versions of Melusine decks, every one of them has pros and cons. rain leader is good because you can use bride to resurrect a unit a second time and make storm more strong, on the other hand… the rain leader is not that useful for anything else, you mostly use it in round 3 for bride.

This deck I'm showing has more focus on healing to trigger the singer's skill, but aside from the passive, madroeme it's not really good imo.

I also tried a portal deck and a discard deck with more focus on thining, but i found rain druids or battle trace to be more useful.

And then we have Melusine… Well, the card is bloody damn good, carry over, infinite rain , can be boosted with restore for amazing points and etc … but the fact the card is so good makes it the center of attention, even if you run multiple wincon like I do(dalgur, scenario), if you dont put it behind a defender 100% of the time, you suffer a great risk of getting heatwaved or worse… invo. I'm kinda ok with that because well… high risk vs high reward.

with all that said, I would really appreciate some are some questions:

  1. hot to improve thining?
  2. how to get the most with melusine?
  3. battle trace or rain? or maybe another leader?4)Do I need more removal?
  4. purify and lock needed?
  5. long round 3 or short round 3?

To finish, I would like to say that I have a 60-70% win rate with this deck, so I think i'm on the right path, Melusine got me to Pro really fast!


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