Need some direction

Hey folks,

I'm sorry for the broad question post, but I just got the itch again and reloaded ED on my comp. Fired her up to check and saw my current ship sitting in the bay. I haven't gone any farther than that yet cause I realize that I have virtually no idea what to do.

My last play sessions were mining void opals and I'm sitting on right at a billion credits. It's been a really long time, so I am looking for any direction that anyone can offer in a kind of what's next.

I have a smattering of ships including a mining rigged python, a combat vulture and a system hopper. I think I started the engineers thing but didn't really get very far in that. I've also entertained just setting off into the black to do some exploring.

I am open to any and all suggestions. What's the going thing these days? Mine up some more cash? Head to Hutton Orbital (are they even still doing the free 'conda thing)? Go pew pew somewhere? Try to buy a carrier? I'd appreciate any guidance.



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