Nerf/Buff Ratios of Factions in Patch 9.5

witcher triss merigold gwint

Hi guys, ahead of patch 9.5 I just quickly did a bit of sorting for factions Nerf/Buff ratios to help give an idea of whos getting stronger and by how much. This results don't say too much about the factions, but here's how I did it.

The goal of this is to start a discussion about who's going to be strong this next patch so we can plan our decks.

Each point of provision cost is 1 nerf/buff point.

Each point of power is 1 nerf/buff point.

Lowest value is best, some factions getting 0 Nerfs and around 10 Buffs. In order from lowest (best) ratio to highest (worst) ratio:

  1. Monster/ Syndicate tie 0/10
  2. Skellige 1/8
  3. Nilfgaard 1/6
  4. Northern Realms 4/11
  5. Scoia'tel 2/5


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