netdecking and how to get away from it.

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First of all let me say, I love this game. And I will continue to support this game but…

I feel like there is no room for creativity and in turn makes the game stale too quickly. If you play ladder it’s the same meta decks over and over. If you reach pro rank, it’s the same meta decks again. If you play unranked, guess what it’s the same netdecked meta decks again and again. And don’t get me started on seasonal (the one deck show). We call the meta diverse when there are 4-5 viable decks, but is that really diverse?

Any deck outside of the meta will put you in the meme category and that’s just sad. The only way to have fun, is to relegate yourself to the bottom of pro rank (mmr below 2300) to start seeing some variety.

Any of us can name every card in every meta deck from memory and know the exact order of which the opponent will play them. This makes the game boring and predictable, and you can see every play coming from a mile away. You will know that you lost or won the game at the versus screen.

I don’t know if this because of balance issues? Leaders ability imbalance? provision issues? Easy access to all cards issue?not enough viable cards issue? There are thousands of cards in the game and you only see the same hundred card over and over.

Do cards need to play for closer to their provision cost? Is the meta defined by few overturned cards and everyone not playing those cards are at a great disadvantage? Can you win a single game with NG if you’re no playing ball? Can you play spells without playing gord? Has anyone played invigorate lately? Wtf is pirates cove? Why is rage of the sea 13p?

I’m not trashing the game, I just want to know if there is a way to encourage creativity and promote fun deck building. Can this be done with the daily quests that are more interesting than “win x game with x faction” or “ play x number of cards”.

Journey has some better quests, but I feel like most people will queue into casual, spam artifacts or whatever they need for the quest and quit, which is really not fun and make you think ,why didn’t they choose to create a fun deck to complete these quest? is it because they’ll get trashed by everyone else playing meta decks?? Is it because they get their side of the board wiped with a 6p card? Is it because they don’t have any way to interact with traps?

Any ideas?


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