Neutral items shop instead of outpost

Mod Skin Dota 2

I've been thinking how we had shrines which gave hp/mana, followed with outpost which gives exp.
The next logical building which should replace outpost should be a building that gives gold per minute.
But that seems too difficult to balance so instead of that – a neutral items shop.
I saw a thread about buying neutral items from neutral currency (dropped from neutral creeps). This way the randomness of neutral items would dissapear and you could buy any item from killing neutral units.
Tier 1 items should be worth 1 neutral gold, tier 2 two neutral gold etc. In later stages perhaps it would be best if its more expensive.

Optional – This seems like a stretch but shop could replace outpost, which means it can be channeled, that way enemy team can be cut out from buying neutral items.
Or maybe its best if it can't be channeled and is just standing there as a shop.

What are your thoughts on this, would you like this change?


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