neutral only deck suggestions/discussion

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Playing meta shit is boring as hell, but playing wholesome armor giving bandits makes my heart as warm as the heatwave and scorch i'm currently running for tall punish 😉

The deck isn't finished and isn't good at all, so I don't have a link (sorry), but here's kinda what I'm working with:

The Usual Suspects:
– Oneiro, Heatwave, Sunset, Matta

So I have at least some fun:
– Madoc with bomb support, Living Armor with armor giving 4ps, Iris: Shade, a questionable Scorch, Armory

– Aguara to lock Living Armor for a three card Iris combo
– Currently working with Imprisonment to avoid running lock cards so I can run more GG worthy things

The deck I've been toying with (and losing with) runs a lot of bronzes leading to inconsistent results, so much so that running Cursed Scroll might be necessary (?)

The new 5p bronze that was revealed with NR could have some major Armory synergy and for the unofficial seventh faction's sake I hope the second neutral in Ep2 can bring all neutral to Tier 0

My heart is telling me to run Shupe's Day Off since it is hands down the most overpowered card in the game, but I don't see many ways to fit the main character of The Witcher franchise into the deck without making it clunky

I'm open to any and all suggestions of how to make all neutral work (besides running cards that aren't neutral), since most leader abilities are bricked due to them only working with faction specific units and when working with solely neutral cards you don't have many options in terms of archetypes


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