Neutral Or Faction Kegs

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Hello all,

I am still quite new. I always have a super hard time sticking with 1 deck though in CCGs. I do have quite a bit of dust but am trying not to craft much.

So far I just crafted a Witcher Northern Realm deck that I found online to test the game and it is quite fun.

So far I have bought 20 Neutral Kegs / Starter Bundle / Thronebreaker.

My gut is telling me I should just buy Neutral Kegs so I can complete dailies but am curious about others thoughts. If I pretty much want to play as many different types of decks would Neutral Kegs be a good choice? or will I want to buy an even amount of each faction Kegs instead?

I noticed that Witchers are in other factions, would it be worthwhile to craft all the other Witcher's for dailies? Or is Northern realm really the standout in that regard?

I know common wisdom is to focus on 1 or 2 factions but I am just not someone who can play the same deck over and over. The problem is they all seem so fun.

Edit: Thanks for all the comments, completely forgot Ultimate Kegs were a thing. I will probably just buy those then and collect the cards that seem fun. I really am in no rush to make the best deck and already have so much dust if I have a specific deck in mind!


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