Never fly without rebuy. Or at least without a plan to get the rebuy?

TL;DR two ideas for additional rebuy options, pay % based amount to put your ship insurance claim on hold (for a day-ish) to raise funds for the rebuy or take a 100%+ loan on the ship (and get it back for a week-ish) (with option to select what modules to get) and again to raise funds to keep the ship or risk losing the ship and keeping the loan.

Hello all, as we all the first rule of E:D is No rebuy, no fly. The second rule is we don’t talk about.. wait.
Fortunately the rebuy system is already pretty lenient, as it’s supposed to be based on a built in insurance policy that’s altered with the cost of things added to the ship.
But what if we helped encourage riskier game play? At the risk of increasing the amount of posts on here complaining about the rebuy system, here’s a proposal of two ideas I have, both keeping the same old rebuy system intact in its entirety and only adding additional options.
First, Insurance rebuy extension period. This one is simple, you get a day(or whatever length devs think is optimal) to acquire the funds for your rebuy, once selected you’re dumped into one of your ships and start a timer to which you can pay your insurance cost or lose it. Now, because this obviously is too lenient than the existing system. You’d have to pay a % based premium (to be decided by devs) just to keep your insurance claim open for a day.

Second idea, the RISKY one. You take out a loan that’s 110%(or again, whatever’s Fdev decides is fair) based on your ships price. But you have 1 week (or.. well you get the point) to pay it back to keep the ship or you lose the ship and KEEP the remainder of the the loan.



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