Never played this game until about a few weeks ago

Gotta say I'm really impressed with the genuis design of simplicity to the game while still maintaining detailed artwork etc etc. I like how this game is a very hands on and requires keeping note of people, a watchful eye and doing your tasks as quickly as you can. The discussions are the best part for me imo. I kept saying "damn, this is better than TV drama". All the funny shit that goes down.

Imposter is a blast and requires strategy and a good lying mechanism to mask yourself as innocent. The anticipation of getting the next kill and doing a sabotage at a certain place to isolate the last running crewmate to make it and kill them etc etc.

Btw I'm only writing this opinion/review of the game since I'm absolutely not a mobile phone gamer (fucking hate them) and I just stick with my consoles so this game was a pleasant surprise to me and very fun.


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