New accounts evil or forced?(system 50%)

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Hi all! I wanted to get your opinion and ask a question for discussion.

The thing is, I've been playing Dota for a long time and noticed one thing I don't understand from Valve.

Why is it necessary to make the system 50% win rate? On the one hand I understand that it's like a casino – gives a constant online, but is it not tough on people?

What I mean. You can see how your matches change after a series of victories, it's not that the ranking has become more difficult and your level does not match. It's not. It's just the selection of the game puts you in a situation where you have to be a god or lose. Literally.

I'll be honest, I have smurfs with different ratings and I calibrated them myself. I can play on an account with 2k mmr and to move up I have to put in a titanic effort to move up the rankings. Although at the same 4-5k I feel the same. Creates a stagnation of players, where to fall as difficult as to rise in the rating.

I've seen good players who play at 2k and they can't get out, then make a new account and score well on a new rating that matches their level of play.

My point is that on the one hand valve ban smurf, but do not give the opportunity to check their level of play( calibration at 400+ mmr is not calibration, but just a small jump within their rank) What's the problem with making a real calibration where one is given the opportunity to play at different ratings from 0 to 5k conventionally. Depending on his averages for those matches, give him a new rank for the season.

This will reduce the number of smurfers and people can go up and down depending on the game. If a weak player passes this calibration, for example, his erroneous rating would change to a lower one.

Ice frog, I'm waiting for your answer (¬‿¬ )


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