New Character with spawn raw resources only cheat run was harder than I expected. Rules: New Character, No Map cheats, But you can Spawn any raw crafting materials you have found. Cant spawn Items.

I have many hours, of solo, muilti player, debug mode. So I thought I would try a run with unlimited resources. This experience was to see how the game plays, with out the "Grind". The simple idea, is if you find and harvest it you can spawn it in. Chop 1 tree spawn 500 wood. Pick up a stone, spawn more stone. Sounds like a massive over powered way to play on paper yes. In game there are many little things that catch you out. Encumbrance you can't carry 500 Wood. You still have to make a clearing if your building. You find seeds, you still have to grow them. You have to smelt the ore.

It sounds simple, until you realise your skills are all 0. Your skills build up with use, hunting and gathering gives them a leg up. Without the use and practice you are not as good as you remember. Those one shot mobs, are not one shot with skill level 5 and a crude bow.

You still have to explore to find the boss stones. This takes lots of crypts, and if your unlucky and lots of exploring to find the crypts. You end up gathering enough resources anyway through the exploration.

I got caught out on the you don't have fine wood until bronze, and that needs a smelter, which is cores, ect. That is a crude bow with leather Armor, wood shield in the Black forest. Is this a sensible way to take on that first troll?

Finding swamp crypts to find the boss stones in bronze age gear is easier because you have experience, but not a a simple task, You can get back to base and spawn the ironscrap, but you have to smelt it. And make the workbench and forge upgrades.

Yeah you get Ironscrap easy, with out the transport "Grind" that's the idea but now what do you do. Did you find Bonemass in that first crypt. You still have the grind thought the crypts.

You quickly realise how easy the game becomes with end game food and armour. But how has the accelerated timeline effected the levels of your skills. You miss those quick arrow shots, the hammer blows are now slow.

With out map cheats there is still a "Lot" of grind to find stuff.

As an experiment It was fun. Has anyone else done similar.

I would like the game to increase yields of resource in proportion to the tool quality or materials. Is my takeaway change to the base game.


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