New Clinkz is Garbage Tier

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Does anyone else thing the new clinkz is garbage tier? I tried him out in a few games and he can’t hunt and solo kill anyone, can’t push towers which was a big part of his kit. The new Q only applies 60% of his damage, dog shit in team fights plus it’s a channeling ability, I can’t even move while hitting the enemy, he lost his attack speed and ranged evasion, it’s just a weaker version of Drow’s multishot. Sure I can clear waves faster, get those items faster, apply all the attack modifiers but what good does it do when you can’t even deal decent damage, feels like he needs much more items than before to even tickle the enemy. Gyro’s flak cannon, Drow’s multishots, Medusa’s split shot are much better.

I thought maybe I'm just bad so I went to the land of the Youtube , see if his playstyle needed a change but all videos are so clickbaity, I don't see anything special, calling him broken but none of the clinkz players on the comments seem to agree. His pick rate went up but win rate dropped rock bottom on dotabuff.

Valve, if you’re reading this, please revert my boi back to his old self, you have reworked him enough and now you just butchered him.


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