New Extraction Flare Gun

So as a newish player I’ve seen this happen quite often to myself as well as with friends of mine. Heading across a huge map only to find yourself at the wrong exit and the walk of shame back to the correct one is super tedious especially if your overweight and/or out of meds with a fracture. You’d think we would learn. Maybe that’s just the reality of game, tarkov giveth and tarkov taketh. During these walks I’ve was thinking that maybe a cool idea would be an extraction flare gun. I was thinking a 1/1 durability gun, takes up pistol slot and after being fired, activates a smoke grenade like animation to mark the actual extradition spot on the ground. This would be a super obvious flare that would be a risk to use it, and could take a couple minutes to actually extract, this the risk/reward for using it. The potential to save you from extraction campers, get you out of a pinch if you’re being pinned down, or save you from the dreaded walk of shame.

T.L.D.R. Stop making me walk all the way across shoreline when river extraction isn’t open.


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