NEW feature in Tarkov, Own EoD, use code for Standard, DOwngrade EoD to Standard and lose Standard code.

Sooo i am trying to understand, maybe my english is not best, (and i am sory for that, but should be enough to explain about this new feature) to what actually happen or if i am missing something.

Here is link to the forum ->

And here i explain in short.
User own EoD version, bought Standard Edition Code for friend, friend couldn't use Code, user checked this Code, i mean used it, on HIS account where he own EoD.

It downgraded his EoD edition to Standard (which will be revoked) but his Standard code is lost.

Now tell me, should such thing be possible? For me it's a bug, shouldn't exist, shouldn't be possible.
Like i can't activate products i already have i.e. on steam/ blizzard/ Epic.

But as i joked in that forum topic, according to Tech support "it's not a bug" and well, maybe he is right, it's not a Bug, it's a Feature :D.


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