New game mechanics?

I’ve been playing Tarkov for a while now. No not Alpha or closed beta but before the flea market, before loading mags one round at a time, and before healing animations. Back when Leg Meta was an actual thing. The OG’s know what I mean. I think it was right when open beta started. Got the standard edition and within that same week got the EOD. At the time I was hooked on some streamers like the SKRA Lord Eroktic, Doodles-Deadlyslob, Dad-Kotton and the deadliest man in Tarkov, Tickle Me Pink. This community is very vocal about changes/ideas and thankfully Nikita and the devs listen…to an extent. Changes like buckshot spread on some shotguns, trigger delays on some bolt actions, tweaks like the mosin being too cheap or the constant ammo tweaks. The list goes on.
One of the last DevBlog’s, Nikita held a competition of sorts. Whoever had the best questions would win some fancy-ish headphones. Needless to say, Nikita was not wowed by any of the questions, so he didn’t give them out. He was apparently looking for questions based around some new mechanics, the MOLLE systems for rigs or armor plates and how the hit boxes will change, not questions about new guns, or any new items. That got me thinking of things they could change/add in the future. These are the first three I came up with. Not saying no one has thought of these but I haven’t really seen anything about it so here you go.

  • Larger/more pockets- As you progress through the game, quests and levels, you would be able to get more pockets. By mid-wipe/level 25 or so you could get maybe 2 more 1×1 pocket slots. Then for late-wipe/level 40 ish, increase the original 4 slots from 1×1 to 1×2 like the scav bosses but also keep the two new 1×1 slots. Or just increasing the pockets to 1×2 and having no additional pockets so that it matches the scav bosses.

-Gun range expansion- The gun range could be upgraded to have a small building layout to practice movements, breaching and room clearing. Look at the hideout from a top down, instead of an “L” shape, or a “Y” shape really, take the right side wall of the range all the way to the water station corner, as well as the wall that has the water station, med station and bed, there will be a large room on the other side, a new door by either the range and workbench or by the back wall where the bed and fire are. This room would be more or less a personal training area to practice room clearing/breaching/movements. Maybe even a small stairwell for verticality movement training. Also, I’m sure this would be much later in the development but moving/popup targets to better transition between targets. As you level up the range, it would add these features. When maxed, the hideout would be more of a square instead of the current L/Y shape.

-Collapsible buttstocks- For these stocks, having the ability to extend or collapse the stocks would bring a whole new dynamic to how some firefights play out. A fully extended stock will have more recoil control/accuracy but less ergonomics. A fully collapsed buttstock will have better ergonomics but less recoil control/accuracy. As well as being able to select every position in between, like how we can go from a full stand to a full crouch, and all levels in between.

-The practicality of collapsible stocks- Currently I don’t see CQB changing so much since all of the rifle/shotgun stocks act as a fixed stock plus there’s really no point in trying to use a fully extended stock in a building, unless you are sniping or doing some long ranged shots from it. But the standard CQB firefights are just that, close quarters. Same with the SMG’s that have a collapsible stock like the MPX, MP7A1, MP7A2, people use the stock fully extended as it is, only collapsing it for storage management. With that, I don’t really see much of a change. Now for mid to long ranged firefights, I can see how being able to extend your stock to give you just the right amount of recoil control and accuracy that you need to land them shots, while giving up a little bit of ergonomics. Maybe you chase a rat into a building, like you do, and would like a little more ergo for them tight corners and stairwells. Collapse that stock back and now you got a little more ergo for a little recoil control and accuracy. Maybe a dule button combo with the mouse wheel to do so, like Ctrl+Alt+MW up/down. Depending on how they would go about the positions for the stock, it would vary depending on the buffer tube. Buffer tubes usually have 4-6 positions.

Example. Using the regular MOE stock, the recoil control is -35% and ergo is 7. With these base stats, let’s assume that it would be on the first position, fully collapsed. On second position stats would be, Acc+1 / RC-36% / Ergo 6. Third position would be, Acc+2 / RC -37% / Ergo 5. And fourth position would be, ACC+3 / RC -38% / Ergo 4.

It may be too steep in changes between the positions, so maybe Acc would change by .5, RC would change by .5%-1% where Ergo would change by .5 but I guess only testing it would help with that balance.

This would not change any fixed stocks for obvious reasons. Like the standard ADAR wood stock, or the regular AK wood stocks as well as the matching the polymer ones. Additionally, some stocks do not appear to extend, like the PRS gen3, IRL, you could extend it via the adjustable knobs. Same with the RSASS since it has the Magpul PRS Gen2 (flat top) but I think they would be limited to 1 or 2 positions due to the length it extends. Others are collapsible as well like the UBR Gen2, Zhukov-S, PT 1, PT 3 and pretty much every other stock is.

-American scav boss. I’d like to assume that one of the scav bosses will be an ex USEC or some sort of American. Something to change it up a little. Yes we have the ex USEC Raiders but it’s not the same. A big bastard like Rambo or someone along those lines. I think a change in that dynamic would be more immersive. Maybe he has some Russian scav boss guards that speak the choppy English they are supposed to be adding.


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