New Guardian ship?

Ram Tah's Guardian Codex Data quest: log 23 of 28

'Technology Log – Starship Technology This log is unusual – it appears to refer to another group of Guardian sites, far from the ones we’ve already discovered. I realize that might sound disappointing, but in fact this find is extremely important. The log suggests these undiscovered sites might contain blueprints not only for Guardian engines, but for Guardian starships! Just think — someday soon, we might uncover a Guardian ruin that will allow us to manufacture ships and fighters incorporating Guardian technology. It makes my skin _prickle just to think of it. And who knows — maybe you’ll be the one to find it.'

The GSLF sites have already been located. If you're not terribly busy, would you mind locating one of the guardian ship blueprint sites for the rest of us?

Thankssomuch! o7


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