New ideas for hoodwink talents/aghanim shard

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Hey i was thinking, given that the hoodwink aghanim shard is not consistent and good, maybe the shard could be :

The ult's debuff cannot be dispelled (break and 50% slow)*.

*This could a talent thought

I think it would increase the value of her ult, because when im playing hood sup 4 between the lvl 18-25 her ult doesn't feels like doing a lot of damage like at lvl 6 (enemies with pipe, sy, satanic), so in my point of view, her ult in that time get the higher value being shoot at enemies that have passives and get easy kited (like ursa,slark,mk, after then using bkb), so u can slow then a lot and decrease their impact at the teamfight.

And lvl 20 talent (-3 armor) doesn't seems to get the high value compared to this talent on pa. Althought it can bounce a lot to enemies her Q's damage doesn't increase a lot. So maybe a talent that gives + damage to W, more area to W, or more base damage to Q maybe fits the hero more, don't know maybe u guys desagree.


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