New Imposter Roles

So upon seeing the Mafia videos from Toast I've thought up some different roles for our resident killers. It'd be a special mod with 2 bad guys again, and one oddball role:

Silencer – An imposter who cannot kill during the rounds but when entering a discussion can kill one person after 10 seconds of the votes unlocking. (Is able to sabotage as normal – because of this role you'd need voice communications to be able to cut out if you're killed by the silencer)

Hunter – An imposter who can kill crewmates during the rounds under certain conditions, they cannot sabotage – however they gain access to traps. A trap can be set up anywhere and are invisible to crewmates. Traps have a 15 second cooldown and you can store up to 2 charges at a time. A crewmate that crosses a trap will have their screen blackened for 3 seconds. When a crewmate triggers a trap they are marked, and the hunter can then kill them in that same round at any point. (Hunters will have medium range kill availability)

Split Personality – A player who will swap between crewmate and imposter in between each round, they cannot see who the other imposters are and have tasks they can complete as normal when they are a crewmate. The role they played as the round leading up to the discussion is their role in that discussion, and the side they are trying to get to win. Note: They CAN potentially kill the other imposter roles since they will be unaware who the imposters actually are.

Any thoughts are welcome and I'd love to see some more fun ideas as well if you'd comment them!


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