New Journey speculation regarding the latest 8.5 stream.

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So, while I'm very excited for the big nerfs Ball and Syndicate are receiving, I'll let the meta-analysis to more capable hands, I am more interested in knowing about the next Journey anyhow.

So, what do we know from the steam?

A) The next journey is about "a beautiful face"

B) In June, midway through the journey, the first of a three set expansion is going live whose name is The Price of Power

C) The new card expansion is themed around magic and it's narrative will be set In the Northern Realms.

Anyone has thoughts on who the next Journey might be about?

I'm thinking any of a number of northern Sorceresses, and while Philippa fits well the category of Price of Power, I doubt they would release any sorceress before releasing Triss Merigold, whom I think the next journey will be about.


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