New Leader cards appreciation and discussion

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This latest patch is one of the greatest I've ever seen, old archetypes were bought to life again and new ways of playing old ones, but, we need to discuss some balance…

Eist, a really good card, maybe too good, he just needs a cooldown so can't be triggered twice immediately, maybe a 1 power reduction, but please, don't kill this card

Crach An Craite, a good pirate, the problem is not with Crach but with Pirates and Ships, their sequencing is a mess, you got Pirate engines that need Ships and Ships that need Pirates, they need to change that, and they need their own blood eagle because they lack consistency

Emhyr, many thought this card to be really good, but requires a ton of set up and don't get killed in the first 2 turns after playing it to be even on provision, I can't think of a way of making it strong, but, spies need more love, Mage Infiltrator is a joke being 5 for 4, Emmisary is good tempo but is making a unit really big, enforcers just die, so, buff spies

Any thoughts?


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