New Locations or Scenarios.

the witcher and ciri gwent


Someone pointed out that the art displayed in for the second part of the expansion looks too general to be that of a Unit or a Special card compared to the previous art of The Witchfinder.

So if it is going to become a card it has to be either a Location called Thanedd Island or a Scenario called Thanedd Coup.

If I had to guess it would be something like Prologue: Spawn an Aretuza Student on your ranged row, the second chapter being the second bronze to be announced and the final chapter being a Casting Contest.

What reaffirms this for me is the new bronze neutral card which now seems to be lacking support.

On the other side you could say that this release structure can't allow for the release of Scenario style cards or Locations since they're restricted to 2 bronzes per expansion.


Scenarios are difficult to balance, the possibility of 2 Scenarios in a deck could break the game (double Ball, triple Geddy).

Some factions revolve around their Scenario (cough cough Nilfgaard), and it seems like Siege is heading in the same direction.

It could be nice to see a similar shake up to the game, but what do you guys think?


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