New mod idea – Starship Mod

I'm not a modder, but I had an idea for a mod for Among Us that I would like someone to make/steal.

Basically, you play as though you are a member of an actual spaceship. The roles would consist of the 1 Captain, 1 First Commander, 1 Medical Officer, 3 Ensign, and 4 Engineers. Abilities are as follows:

  • Captain – has the ability to force everyone but the medical officer and imposters to vote with him. Ability is limited to X number of times. Can also be an imposter.
  • First Commander – assumes command of the starship in the event that the Captain dies. Once s/he become the new captain, has one chance to force others to vote with him. Can be an imposter.
  • Medical Officer – is the only one that can confirm med scans. Can diagnosis the captain as mentally unstable and assume command of the starship. Can revive the Captain once per game – if Captain has not been removed from the position and is not an imposter. (But Cpt cannot tell who killed them.) Cannot be an imposter.
  • Ensign/Crewmate – imposter fodder. Has no choice but to follow Captain's orders. Can be an imposter.
  • Engineer – the only person/people who can fix sabotage. Can be an imposter.


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